About Us

TrendMax was formed in 2001 by Mel Flahr and Morley Wittman. We both came from grain marketing backgrounds and wanted to substantiate ourselves as credible farm management consultants with a focus on building quality relationships with clients, buyers, and other industry representatives. We began by identifying our clients main needs into crop marketing, fixed-cost analysis, business structure planning, human resource planning, succession planning and others.

Understanding that a team approach was better than one person trying to be everything to everybody, we went looking for the best people to complement our own knowledge and to offer a comprehensive service at a fair price. We started by contracting the services of Greg Kostal for big-picture analysis of commodity markets. Personalities fit well and information sharing has become a common two-way occurrence. Greg’s ability to interpret market indicators has earned him a reputation to many as the best in his field. We also added Brad Gee from Stewart Gee & Murray in Saskatoon to assist us with clients who need advice for succession planning, business structure, tax planning and more. Brad is a certified accountant and certified management consultant. Many TrendMax clients (and ourselves) have gravitated to Brad for full time assistance. In early 2012 we contracted the services of Chuck Penner of Leftfield Commodities to provide us with even more market intelligence. His ability to provide an accurate picture of supply and demand for crops helps to fill another piece of the marketing puzzle.

Since then we have expanded our market intelligence by building relationships with consultants such as Todd Rowan, Dave Norris and Kevin Mathers. They share the same values of truth and integrity that we have. They each bring a unique perspective to the TrendMax team as they come from backgrounds including the pulse industry, chemical company and grain elevator systems. By pooling resources and sharing costs TrendMax has been able to provide valuable crop marketing & business planning services to farm managers at a reasonable price.

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