Simply put – we advise farm managers when to sell their crops. We teach you what factors are influencing prices. We then work with your personal risk/cash-flow plan to advise when and how much you should sell. This way you are making informed decisions.

All of our clients choose the marketing services but there is more if you choose to. TrendMax brings together various aspects of crop marketing and agriculture business management including advisement for :

  • crop marketing – monitoring and analyzing domestic and global market conditions to advise you what is happening in each commodity
  • crop planning – gross margin returns taking into consideration rotation, cash flow, and market projections
  • fixed cost analysis – benchmarking overhead costs taking into consideration farm goals
  • cashflow projections – using inventory, intended harvest, insurance, farm assistance and marketing programs
  • debt restructuring – working with FCC programs and existing bank personnel
  • succession planning – goal setting, labour transfer, structural changes, assistance with tax planning, life insurance and more
  • risk management – analyzing and recommending plans considering farms goals vs market conditions

We believe in the model “surround yourself with successful people and you have a better chance of success yourself.” We pool our resources with many industry resources such as:

  • Kostal Ag Consulting for big picture crop marketing perspectives
  • LeftField Commodities for supply/demand analysis
  • Relationships with reputable special crop processors for up-to-date prices and for input on current and expected market conditions
  • Canadian and US elevator company personnel to keep abreast of current grading issues, prices, and programs
  • Various organizations including Saskatchewan Agriculture, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance, USDA, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Statistics Canada, and more
  • Stewart Gee & Murray for assistance with tax planning, farm structures and federal/provincial farm program advice
  • Federal farm programs are used to keep the costs of  developing business plans, succession plans, expansion/reduction plans, address human resource issues, etc. to a minimum for you

All of these resources are compiled to help you make better decisions for your farm business. This allows you more time to do what you do best. We are always interested in providing existing farm clients with ways to improve their business and marketing plans; whether it be crop marketing and/or full business planning. Contact us today for a free (no obligation) discussion on how TrendMax can help you make better marketing decisions.

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